Experiential Education Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

bartley hall

Since more students are attending college each year, a degree no longer guarantees job placement upon graduation. With college tuition rising and student debt growing, landing a stable and satisfactory career is more important than ever. In order to increase the chance of acquiring a position at a desired company, business students should participate in at least one internship or CoOp during their undergraduate studies. Attending the “Rise to the Top: Internship/CoOP Basics” information session provided me with a great deal of information about various experiential education opportunities through the Villanova University School of Business. The session revealed that students should start planning for their future as early as possible and highlighted rewarding programs available for students at any grade level.

At the information session, Clay Center advisor, Brenda Stover, explained several steps that any student can complete to begin searching and applying for various working positions. She stressed the importance of registering for a GoNOVA Jobs account, creating and uploading a resume, and researching programs that are most relevant to a student’s desires. Ms. Stover also discussed the many benefits of participating in an experiential education opportunity which include real world experience, additional resume qualifications, and networking opportunities.

As a current freshman, I anticipated that the majority of the information would be directed towards sophomores and juniors who are more actively involved in the career search process. To my surprise, there are numerous Leadership Programs in which freshmen can participate. Leadership Programs are brief and allow students to explore careers and corporations. The programs also provide the chance for students to form relationships with recruiters and employees at individual companies. As a potential finance or accounting major, I found the Deutsche Bank Day on the Job, Proctor & Gamble Finance and Accounting Freshman Forum, and Vanguard EXPLORE Events to be the most interesting programs, and I look forward to applying for these positions.

For any students interested in Leadership Programs, more information and specific programs can be found at:



The information session also included an overview of the internship and CoOp programs available for sophomore and junior students. Numerous companies offer a variety of internships for pay, credit, or both. Similarly, Villanova offers various CoOps which are six month long paid positions worth six credits. Specifically, the forensic accounting CoOP at the Delaware County District Attorney Office presents a great opportunity for students majoring in accounting. Both internships and CoOps prove to be an invaluable way for students to potentially obtain an entry level job offer. For students interested in an internship or CoOp, action plan workshops provide more information about the process of applying and interviewing. At the workshop, small groups of students receive guidance about resources such as GoNOVA Jobs, Linkedin, and NovaNetwork. To register for an action plan workshop contact the Clay Center at (610) 519-5532.

The Internship and CoOp Basics information session proved to be very helpful and insightful and motivated me to start planning for my future career. I learned a great deal about my options available through Villanova and have already started to set up my LinkedIn and GoNOVA Jobs accounts. I recommend that every business student start researching Internship and CoOp opportunities and contact the Clay Center for assistance and information. I look forward to applying for several Leadership Programs and gaining practical experience that will help prepare me for my future endeavors.




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